Monday, February 5, 2018


How could he lead when he didn't remember a year of his life. And how could a year of his life be taken so callously with complete disregard for what his family, his beloved parents would have to endure trying to help him get it back. And get it back he would while raining all hell on who took that year and the woman who continued to haunt him away.

Four Men
Four Families
Four Loves Lost, Found and Strong
They were breed to lead but will the women they love follow


Life was good for Country Crooner Rhett Ravel. His latest album was a hit. His fiancée was carrying his child and he was about to take his career in a new direction. Nothing could stop him.

Bella Cayn was an upcoming novelist who's newest book was about to put her on the map and take her career to levels people only hoped for. Nothing was standing her way.

Both were getting what they wanted. Had worked hard for their little slices of heaven but what happens when one's heaven turns into hell and the other was sent to save them or a least point them in the right direction?

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Happy Holidays!!!!!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and prosperous New Year.....

See you in 2018!!!!

Time to wine

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hiding A Wolfe Tour - Amazon Winner and Thanks!!!!


Thank you or making the Hiding A Wolfe Book Tour an great success. I have gained so many followers and had so many people ask questions about the book, my decision to write it and loving the excerpts in which they have read. I hope those that are now following me will continue to do so.

I would like to congratulate Elena Istomina on winning the $20 Amazon Gift card I hope you enjoy.

Now something new ... with all these new followers, and hopefully readers (wink), I have decided to re-release all my past works, in their original forms, for the week of Thanksgiving. In that week, and only that week, you will have access to these works before they are placed back in my vault. 

And to Silver Dagger Book Tours....

Maia you are awesome thank you for taking my little book and sharing it with the world. It was great working with you and I would love to do it again!!!!!

A Detective For Christmas by EA Hunt - Available Dec. 16, 2017

The holidays have always been bittersweet for Jase Quincy. His wife left him at Christmas five years ago. His eldest daughter sent him a 'see you never' postcard two Christmases ago and now he was raising twin girls who he was trying to make the holidays good for even with all the bittersweet memories.

The holidays were just another set of days for Allyn Neal. She didn't have time to celebrate. She had her father to care for and a toddler to raise. Christmas and all its joy and cheer weren't high on her list. Until Jase Quincy walked into her daughter's preschool

Their children brought them together but could life tear them apart or is there a holiday miracle just waiting to take part?


                              This is a lovely Christmas story with great sex appeal! -- Anna Free 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hiding A Wolfe Virtual Book Tour

I'm Maia, the with Silver Dagger Book Tours, an extremely popular book touring company! I ran across your book, Hiding a Wolfe, and wanted to invite you to tour with me!

Hiding a Wolfe looks spectacular- readers and bloggers are going to love it! I would love to book you tour from October 6th thru Nov 6th ......